What is innaviGO?

State-of-the-art building navigation and information system for visitors, contained in a single solution. Exceptional combination of information, visualisation and interactivity. innaviGO is an assistant for your guests and clients, compatible with their mobile devices. It is them who create the value of your company. Don't let them wander around – make them feel special in your environment.

innaviGO is user friendly. Complex in terms of the components forming the entire System. Advanced in terms of content management. Comprehensive in terms of administration tools. It is the best in the field that it was created for – with no unnecessary accessories. Intended for companies, public institutions, railway stations and airports. Check how you can use innaviGO at your company.

InnaviGO forms the next step of evolution in the field of digital signage systems. Beginning from static boards, through continuous on-screen content display and digital signage systems, to information published on monitors. innaviGO has been developed for interaction with the user, who presently demands much more from the available multimedia devices. Learn about how innaviGO has changed the approach to information, promotion and dialogue with the visitors of buildings, office blocks, shopping centres and campuses.

Information and indoor navigation

Route identification

innaviGO will show you the optimum way to the indicated room, taking into account temporary obstacles such as overhauls, maintenance of lifts, scheduled exclusions of circulation routes. It will also indicate the optimised way for persons moving on wheelchairs and for parents with kids.

Indoor navigation for smartphones

You can easily take the route generated by innaviGO with you using your smartphone. Just scan the QR code shown by innaviGO with the phone camera and the map will be displayed on the screen. The user may also use the full system functionality in the application for Android(R).

Location information

InnaviGO, activated on terminals located in the key points of the facility, offers the visualisation of different building floors and interactive list of rooms. Touch a chosen room on the screen and you will see a window with information on that room and related employees.

Searching with innaviGO

InnaviGO is equipped with an effective engine to search for people, locations and other elements predefined by the system administrator. By entering just the first letters of a surname you can find a given employee, display their business card and information on their office, and then you may start the navigation to the target – innaviGO will identify the optimum route.

innaviGO - who can benefit?

The system will meet the demands of companies and institutions which look for innovative solutions for communication with their customers and enquirers, and for making their service more efficient.
















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Marketing communication

Company image promotion

innaviGO creates a completely new dimension in the provision of indoor marketing and creation of company image. While company information sections ensure a high level of service, another part of the system cares for a non-pushy provision of contents which advertise the products and build brand awareness.

Interactive presentations

Create interactive presentations – attractive content which the user can read at any pace. The innaviGO system administrator may design and manage the slides, connect the information using links, just like on a website.

Get to know your client

innaviGO will support your information and advertising campaigns as well as loyalty programme. Collect data on the client preferences based on their discount coupons and the information searched. Encourage them to leave their contact data with the possibility to use them in subsequent marketing campaigns.

Customer service

innaviGO is perfect for reception and waiting areas. System provides guests with information which otherwise would be requested from a company's staff. innaviGO may also be engaged in the process of customer service, as its integral part.

Components of innaviGO

innaviGO is a combination of software developed by SCAN IT, large-format touch screens, an efficient computer and a durable housing of the interactive stand.

innaviGO application
Embedded computer



Apart from the information on rooms, employees, building and the entire advertising and marketing area, innaviGO also forms a communication channel for messages related to the company organisation and operation. Use it to publish any information being important for the company, concerning overhauls, limitations and inconveniences, as well as important events, invitations addressed to the public, successes of the company and its staff.

Current news

Apart from the contents created by the administrator, innaviGO enables the use of RSS channels to show domestic and international news, economic news and other, depending on the chosen source. This may be helpful to amuse the people waiting for a meeting, lecture or visit.

Safety system support

In emergency situations, the system may be used to indicate evacuation routes and to inform on the danger. The way of including innaviGO in the alarm system depends on your security policy and available infrastructure.

Integration with other systems

innaviGO may exchange data with other systems applied in the company. An example of this may be the interaction with resource management software and displaying information coming from external sources.