Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences

Project goal

The system was designed to enable the view of information on the vice-chancellor's office building, both via the interactive terminal located in the building and via the website. Additionally, it was supposed to indicate the optimum route to the chosen room.

Functions to meet the project goal

The room diagrams for different floors have been based on the design specifications in such a way to present their layout in a clear manner. After touching a selected room on the screen, the system shows the following information: picture, specific description and list of related persons. The information can be also accessed using the interactive list of rooms.

The rooms are also integrated with the navigation function. After choosing a room, innaviGO will indicate the best route, including an alternative for persons with disability.

University staff members are searched using an integrated search engine that shows the result in the form of a business card connected with the person's office and the route to it.

System implementation and management

The administration panel allows to manage all the contents and access level for many content editors. The editors create the list of employees, add information shown on the business cards, assign the staff members to the rooms, add room descriptions and pictures. They also generate the building information on the screen saver contents.

The navigation operates in real time, and the administrator can influence the displayed routes depending on the restrictions, e.g. in case of overhauls or lift failures, they can also specify another target for a given route.

It also allows to redirect the clients from one room to another, e.g. if a particular staff member is absent.
The interactive terminal screen is also available via the website, which allows to use its functionalities also on mobile devices.